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Yellow Cab

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Since 1929


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The Northwest's largest taxi fleet with 380 taxis, serving King County, Seattle and surrounding communities with door-to-door taxi and package service. Serving all of King County; from Puget Sound to the Cascade Peaks.

Some of the exceptional features of Yellow taxis include:
We take pride in offering the most reliable and efficient taxi service in Seattle and King County, and appreciate your business!

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ATTENTION: Yellow Cabs are comprised of independent cab owners, and vehicles leased by BYG Taxi Cooperative Association to drivers. All drivers of BYG taxicabs are independent contractors. Neither Puget Sound Dispatch nor BYG render transportation services, only the drivers of the taxicabs transport fares. Puget Sound Dispatch is a dispatch company and BYG is a vehicle leasing company. They are two separate companies. No other services are provided by these companies. Neither BYG or PSD have any control over the acts or operations of the drivers.