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Taxi Scrip

  • For your convenience, we offer Yellow Taxi Scrip, which are prepaid taxi fare coupon books sold in increments of $10.00 each. There are three ways to purchase Yellow taxi scrip from us:

  • You can come into our offices to purchase scrip between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays. Payment can be mailed along with a letter detailing how many scrip books are needed and where to ship the scrip to.

  • Please note that PSD will only ship $100.00 worth of taxi scrip at a time.

  • You can purchase taxi scrip using Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. To do so, please contact our accounting department at (206) 343-4362. Or...

    Please mail correspondence to:

      Puget Sound Dispatch
      Attn: Taxi Scrip
      74 South Hudson Street
      Seattle, WA 98134

  • Additionally, the King County Metro Taxi Scrip Program serves low-income King County residents age 18 to 64 with disabilities or those age 65 and over. Once you've registered, up to six Metro scrip books can be purchased each month at a 50% discount (at $5.00 for each $10.00 scrip book.) For more information on this program, please contact Metro Customer Service during standard business hours at 206-553-3060 TTY users 206-684-2029.


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