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Taximeter Rates

Taximeter Rates are the same for all taxis in Seattle and King County, but not all taxi companies provide the same level of service. When you request a Yellow taxi, rest assured that you will receive the fastest and highest level of customer service from the largest taxi fleet in King County. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Seattle King County Taximeter Rates

Meter Drop




Waiting Time

(Per Minute)

(Each Passenger Over Two, Excluding Minors.)


There is a $40.00 Flat Rate in effect for trips from the Downtown Seattle Hotel District to SeaTac Airport which applies to all taxicabs that operate in Seattle. Please refer to the map below for the boundaries pertaining to this rate. Flat rates are in effect for direct trips only, and trips with any stops involved will be charged the meter rate. Also note that there is no flat rate in effect for trips from SeaTac Airport to the Downtown Hotel District.

Additionally, depending on the current price of gas, there may be a surcharge of $1 or more per trip. The driver may not collect on this unless it is clearly marked on the dashboard as you enter... 


Flat Rate Area Map




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